Incorporating unique conveyance is another distinction from industry integrators. Each conveyor is assembled in a ‘Lego®’ style manner; module by module, with components that are longer, shorter, straight, curved, feed beginning or motor end.  That capability allows us to flexibly layout conveyors that best fit the circulation room and volume of daily returns.


Maintaining this theme, even the belting is constructed of many small pieces that hook together to form one continuous, full width belt. The approach does away with book jams and pinch points.  In fact, the modularity allows us to add flights of various heights to separate material as it travels.  This feature also affords repairs to be made quickly, at the piece level, and inexpensively.  In the end, it’s the belt design, use of inclines, splitting up of conveyors, responsive sensors and industrial control logic that allows our AMH systems to function the way they do.  No other AMH system in the library industry can accept or induct multiple items at once to accurately check-in, accumulate, separate and sort material as productively.

Complex Conveyor Set-up


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