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Sortation of material is accomplished through a unique conveyor method.  It utilizes a patented technology called Activated Roller™ Belt (ARB) to divert material to one side of the conveyor line.  This technology allows us to design larger AMH systems that follow along walls and not into the center of a room. Planning systems in this manner consumes much less precious floor space.  ARB belting also means our conveyors do NOT use bands or belts to move material.  As a result, little maintenance is required and frequent replacement of warn-out parts is non-existent.  Finally, the sort conveyor’s size and engineering afford long-term durability with reliable day-to-day operation.  Sortation systems start at 4-zones and are scalable up to any number of sorts desired; technicians can add or remove sections in single increments of 24 inches per zone.

Sorter Video

4-Sort Video

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